January 20, 2012

Bridging the Cinematic Divide

I'm at a loss. Trudi and I like different movies.

OK, we're of one mind on some films--mostly those directed by Billy Wilder. And we're in agreement on the Marx Brothers, though she doesn't care for The Cocoanuts. (Consternation! Uproar!)

But almost anything else released after 1929...pffft.

I admire Trudi's taste. It's impeccable. But I wonder why I was so enthralled with The Damned and she wasn't. Or why I can't convince her that Throne of Blood is one of the best interpretations of Shakespeare on the silver screen. Or why, for that matter, any flick featuring a battle scene lasting more than 10 minutes isn't something to avoid.

Or why I struggle through the Jennifer Aniston oeuvre and she embraces it.

I've decided this can't be chalked up to purportedly innate differences in taste between the sexes. I like some "chick flicks." Really. For example: Stolen Kisses.

I provide crummy examples.

Fine, so I prefer a great epic. A drawn-out drama. That's not for all viewers, though Trudi at one point admitted to me that it's hard for her to watch the Lord of the Rings movies, as she needs to absorb each in its entirety rather than piecemeal, as I tend to watch things on TV.

So my feeling is, she probably has an inner jidai-geki.

Perhaps we're destined never to cross this divide. I've tried, though--I've watched Mad Men. I've sat through Ryan Reynolds comedies. And to her credit, Trudi has tried, too. She sat through most of Kwaidan. I give her many props for that.

I just think now that taste...I can't believe I'm writing this...may be subjective.

What an admission.


  1. Hey, I object to being solely characterized as only loving Jennifer Anniston and Ryan Reynolds movies--I like Brad Pitt Too! and Quentin Tarrentino. Aren't we all allowed a little brain candy? And I can't believe you characterized "Baises Voles" as a chick flick! That's like calling "Petit Poche" a children's movie. For now my love, it's best we agree to disagree...

    1. Hi, TC--yes, you're right, as always! But I do want to clarify that my use of "Stolen Kisses" as an example of a "chick flick" was meant in jest. A better example of this genre would be "Throne of Blood," "The Dirty Dozen" or anything directed by Sam Peckinpah.

      Or am I just confused? :-)